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School Counselors

Dear Lake Forest Elementary Parents, Guardians, and Students,

My name is Erica Jeria, and I am pleased to introduce myself as the Certified School Counselor at Forest Lake Elementary!

About the School Counseling Program:

The school counseling program will be delivered to your child’s classes during designated times on select days throughout the school year. The lessons in the School Counseling Program will cover important and relevant childhood development issues and topics throughout following areas: social, personal, academic, and career awareness.

About the School Counseling Services:

Counseling services in my office operate primarily from a solution-focused perspective to help your student to overcome developmental, personal, academic, and social issues that they may encounter. My goal is for your child to learn to become an effective and efficient problem-solver and to gain skills that they will be able to apply to future life situations.

Some Reasons Students May Visit the School Counselor: School Counseling Services: Students Can Be Referred to
School Counselor By:
  • Family changes (divorce/separation)
  • Individual support
  • Him/herself
  • Help with understanding choices
  • Group support
  • Parents
  • Having trouble with another student
  • Classroom guidance
  • Teachers
  • Improvement of self-concept
  • Conflict resolution
  • Administrators
  • Worried about another student
  • Crisis intervention
  • Friend(s)
  • Help with understanding feelings
  • Drug awareness
  • Problem Solving Team
  • Help with understanding differences
  • Parent conferences


  • Loss of a family member or friend
  • Community resource information


  • Support and understanding
  • Personal safety awareness


  • Worried about another student



  • Having a tough time at school or home

Your student does not need to have a problem to meet with me! My door is always open and it is a judgment-free zone. I am looking forward to a wonderful school year and working with you and your child(ren). Please do not ever hesitate to contact me for any reason concerning your child.


Mrs. Erica Jeria
Certified School Counselor
(386) 575-4166 x42797